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Good Clean Fun: How to Build an Outdoor Shower


Good Clean Fun: Building Your Own Outdoor Shower in Hawaii

Embracing the outdoor lifestyle is a natural part of living in Hawaii, thanks to its year-round mild climate and beautiful surroundings. One popular home improvement project that encapsulates this lifestyle is the installation of an outdoor shower. It not only adds functionality and convenience but also increases your home’s value. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to build your outdoor shower, allowing you to rinse off under the open Hawaiian sky.

1: Planning Your Outdoor Shower

1. Determine the Purpose:

Before you start, consider how you will primarily use your outdoor shower. Is it for rinsing off sand after a beach day, a full bathing facility for guests, or merely for aesthetic appeal? The purpose will guide the design and functionality of your shower.

2. Select the Right Location:

Choose a spot that ensures privacy, yet is easily accessible. A location close to your house or an outer wall is generally a good choice as it simplifies the plumbing process. Keep in mind that you should choose a spot with good drainage to prevent water from pooling.

3. Design Your Shower:

Design a shower that complements your home’s aesthetic and caters to your needs. You can choose a simple stand-alone stall for quick rinses or a full enclosure with changing areas for more privacy. Consider adding a bench or built-in shelves for convenience.

4. Choose Your Materials:

Opt for materials that can withstand Hawaii’s tropical climate. Cedar, teak, and composite materials are popular choices for the enclosure because of their durability and resistance to rot and pests. For plumbing fixtures, choose corrosion-resistant materials like brass or stainless steel.

Page 2: Building Your Outdoor Shower

1. Preparing the Site:

Once you’ve chosen the location, prepare the site by leveling the ground and clearing away debris. Install a solid base, such as concrete or gravel, to facilitate good drainage and provide a steady footing.

2. Constructing the Enclosure:

Build your enclosure according to your design. Use pressure-treated lumber or weather-resistant woods for longevity. Ensure the structure is sturdy and safe, attaching it securely to an existing wall if necessary. If your design includes a door, install it with rust-resistant hinges.

3. Installing the Plumbing:

You can connect the shower to your home’s existing outdoor plumbing, like a garden hose, for a simple rinse station. For a more complex setup with hot water, you may need to connect it to your home’s main water supply. If plumbing isn’t your strong suit, hiring a professional might be the safest option.

Page 3: Finishing Touches and Maintenance

1. Finishing Touches:

Apply a weather-resistant finish to protect the wood from moisture damage. Install the showerhead and other fixtures. You could add a shower curtain for extra privacy.

2. Landscaping:

Surround your shower with tropical plants to create a natural privacy screen and enhance the outdoor bathing experience. Choose native Hawaiian plants that are accustomed to the local climate and can withstand the excess water from the shower.

3. Maintenance:

Regular maintenance will keep your outdoor shower in top shape for years. Routinely clean the enclosure to prevent mildew build-up, and periodically check the plumbing. Before the colder months, winterize the shower to prevent pipe damage.

Building an outdoor shower is an excellent way to maximize the joys of Hawaii’s tropical climate. By taking the time to plan properly and select the right materials, you can create an outdoor shower that is not just practical but also a delightful addition to your Hawaiian home. Whether it serves as a convenient rinse-off spot or a tranquil outdoor oasis, an outdoor shower encapsulates the unique charm of outdoor living in Hawaii.

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