Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Designer Mansion in Hawaii with a Million Dollar CLOSET & Expensive Art!

(relaxing music) – What's up, everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome
to Honolulu, Hawaii. Today, we're checking out this
gorgeous Mediterranean estate that has five bedrooms,
six and a half bathrooms, approximately 8,800 square
feet of interior space, built on a 1/2 acre lot, with an asking price of $23,000,000. House gets phenomenal views of the ocean, has beautiful designer finishes, so it's gonna be a really exciting tour. And lastly, you can find more information about this listing in the
description of this video. So make sure to check that out.

And now, let's begin our tour. (gentle music) (bright upbeat music) House is located in a gated community, here in Honolulu, Hawaii. And from the street level, we have the gate opening
up to the driveway that leads you to your three-car garage. I like this darker stone application here, with the border detail. Gate opens up and you have the steps also taking you down to the front. And if you're wondering what
are these stone applications in the middle or on the sides, those are extra textures
for your car to get a grip as it goes up and down the driveway, since it's a little bit steep.

And talking about the elevation here, house is actually a little
below the street level. And that way from the street, you just get a ton of privacy, and house is just nicely set back. Now, coming here, we have the house right in front of us, Mediterranean architecture, limestone-clad complemented
with this granite finish on each side of the entry. We have this glass section here, which is essentially your first
entry point to the property. And going this way, on the 2nd floor, we have the partially detached guest home that we're gonna see later in the tour. Few other details, up front we have a standing
seam roof on the left and tile roof on the right-hand side.

Overhang details. And I even love that they put
limestone on the overhangs, which is something that
we don't see quite often. Super private, palm trees all around. And this home is actually
concrete and steel structure, so it's as durable as it gets. And lastly, we have copper details all
around with the gutters. And we have this door leading
us to the first entry point. Stone floor application here
with this mosaic detail. And if you look towards this side, it actually replicates the pattern that we have on this glass wall. So it's super cool. And this is the space that
welcomes you to the front door. And this is our first peek of
some of the designer elements that we're gonna see in this house, which are just super, super cool.

And lastly, we have these double stainless steel doors that leads us to the inside. Let's go in. All right, everyone,
here we are at the entry. We got beautiful marble
travertine limestone floors all mixed up together with
stainless steel reveal details. The patterns. And on each side we have
these built-in wardrobes and seating right in the center with this gorgeous Italian leather finish that runs on the back wall. And this is the entry point of this home. Now, one thing I wanna mention, they do not wear shoes in this household, so I wanted to respect that. And that's why I took my shoes off, which is something I don't do quite often, but it's a really warm, welcoming home. They got amazing views. It fits the vibe. – [Mikey] For sure. – Now, Mikey, let's point this way. I hope our cameras can
show this stunning angle. We have Fleetwood glass
doors on the lower level. And right on top, we have this picture window just perfectly framing the ocean.

It is stunning. And right above us, we have this circular skylight detail bringing just a ton of
natural light to the landing, as well as the lower
level grand living room. Now, coming back here,
stone finish throughout. We have the staircase taking
us to the lower level. And in case you're
wandering, on this level, we have the office, a few of the bedrooms, and the primary bedroom on this side, which we're gonna cover in a bit. And coming to the halfway landing, I wanna talk about this art piece here, which is this Fendi space monkey. This looks really cool. I'll be lying if I say I know a lot of these custom art pieces, but this house is one of a kind. Owners here curated each one of the spaces and corners of this home
with such unique art pieces that I'm really excited about. – [Mikey] Yeah, and the owner actually made some of them herself, which we'll be seeing a lot
of throughout the house.

– And we'll be talking about a lot. – Exactly, she custom designed, she took fabrics from companies
and applied it to furniture. Super cool. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Now, halfway landing, staircase opens up as it goes down and I just love these round
lines with the limestone top, curved walls and rounded edges and stainless steel railing. And it brings you to
your grand living room. By the way, we also have an elevator on the right-hand side of the staircase as you go down. It goes up to the 2nd floor. It's one of those modern suction designs. We're gonna cover that later. And come in here. This is your grand living room. The first thing that stands out to me is the minimalist application here, with a hint of Japanese influence. We have the tatami seating
right in the center. And instead of going with
that traditional fabric look the owner here actually made most of these floor pieces out of leather. So it gives you that nice rich texture. And right in the center, they have this custom-designed table. And if you look closely, some of the details of this
table is just so stunning.

You have this stainless steel
rack design on the bottom with these custom leather straps
that just looks exquisite. And if you look at some
of the pieces on top, you can see these Japanese
traditional pieces with these Bearbricks that
are perfectly proportionate. And we're gonna see a lot of Bearbricks throughout this home. So bespoke.
So one of a kind. And I don't think we've ever toured a home with this many custom details. – [Mikey] Yeah, and Bearbricks, art, some of these designer
finishes are kind of new to us. So if we miss anything, hopefully our audience
will pick up the slack. – Or let us know in the comment section. We're trying our best but there are so many
custom pieces in this house. And now let's focus on this side. We have the seating area here. Actually I wanna pull back. We have these two gorgeous side tables that really complements the space and you have your main seating area closer to your sliding glass doors. Again, minimalist furniture.

Every single piece is wrapped in leather. Looks exquisite. You have a Chanel coffee
table right in the center. I love this couch design here with just the textures and colors. And on each side we have
these built-in seating and they've actually custom
designed it, the owner here and she layered this leather
pattern in the center and just customized this stool design and put limestone upfront
to make it fit the space.

And I think it just looks great, really complements it
and it just makes it fun. You know, you don't really expect this in a grand living room. – [Mikey] Yeah, and that was kind of an abridged version of what she did. I think she like took
some of those metal inlays from like some designer store. – Store. – [Mikey] Each one of
these pieces of furniture has like a lot to talk on.

– A lot to talk on. Now Mikey, let's step back for a second. Let's look above us. We have these two overlook areas. That's your primary bedroom right there. And that's the office that
we're gonna see later. But more importantly, we are in Hawaii. I mean, I'm gonna do another circle here. Look at these views.
It's just incredible.

It seamlessly flows to your outdoor deck. We have the Maunalua Bay
right in front of us. The waves are rolling in. We have the reefs. Diamond Head Crater right ahead of us. I mean, look at this. Like you won't age here.
This is awesome. Just palm trees and ocean and sunlight and infinity edge pool. Awesome stuff. All right, really excited. And then, and also wanna mention this grand living room area
is a little bit sunk in. It just, it's just a cool space. Now let's go this way. Let's cover the formal dining room area, glass table right in the
center with six leather chairs and you can easily dine
up to 10 people here. Table looks stunning with the glass legs, these edges, bevel details.

It looks very minimalist and I love this indoor-outdoor flow. We have additional
Fleetwood glass doors here opening up on each side,
leading you to the views. And by the way, this home also has motorized shutters throughout, which is such an amazing amenity. Push of a button, you can
easily lock the house up. It also protects it from the weather and it's just a nice security feature. Now, I wanna actually look
at the ceiling for a second.

We got this beautiful
wood cladding throughout that kind of frames the room. And right in the center we
have this Matsuura art piece, which is just kind of
fun and contemporary. And house has both traditional and really contemporary modern lines and it's just a nice mixture. So I wanted to point that out. And on this side, we have a Snaidero built-in cabinetry here. And this back paneling is
actually Ralph Lauren pattern. That looks great. You have this niche art
installation right in the center, super cool travertine floors throughout and stepping here there's a
nice dividing pattern here And you have your stainless steel reveals, tons of architectural lines in this house. – [Mikey] Yeah, really nice. I wanted to say we walked
through with the owner yesterday. She said she wanted to put in these floors because they looked a lot like wood. And since we're in Hawaii and there's a lot of humidity here, she didn't want to have to deal with wood. – And termite issues and all that. – [Mikey] So she put the stone instead. – Concrete home, super
durable stone everywhere. Pretty awesome.

All right, there's the kitchen here, but first I actually wanna
take everybody this way. We have the steps taking
us down to the family room. This is another great space, Fleetwood glass doors
open up to the outdoors and look at all these custom pieces here. The furniture, the seating area, this coffee table right in the center and this massive Bearbrick that's Fendi and I love the color here. And you have another Chanel, Luis Vuitton art piece here that's custom and some of the wall paneling here, details actually was sourced from a Gucci and Fendi store. And how cool is that? – [Mikey] Yeah, as we go
around, I told you earlier, we're gonna see a lot of these things that are not familiar
to Enes and I, so … – Yes. – [Mikey] And there's one important one right behind me actually.
– Yes. We're gonna actually
take a look at that now. Well first off, look at
this suitcase design here. That's a bookshelf.
That's Luis Vuitton, right? Look at this back built-in wall here with this Luis Vuitton
garment back zipper paneling. That was actually a
garment bag that they have basically upholstered to this
opening here on each side.

And who would come up with this idea? And I mean, the zipper works. How cool? And there's like a Luis
Vuitton baby bear in there. There's another Bearbrick, I just realized. There's an espresso maker here. There's another
Bearbrick above, Chanel logo. The customization in this house. Have you ever seen anything like this? – [Mikey] Definitely not. – Definitely. I mean, I'm outta words, look at this. I just realized there's a Luis Vuitton, like a small suitcase here
and this is my favorite piece. We gotta talk about this one.
This is so cool. So this is a Molteni desk or what would you call this? Like a … – [Mikey] A coffee table almost. – Coffee table almost. Or maybe like a small bench design. And she actually took this,
put crocodile leather on top. She used the same garment bag leather to wrap the sides of the Luis Vuitton. Then she actually recessed
in the center section and put more crocodile leather and this brass detail and the
suitcase right in the center.

I want this piece. I don't even know what I would do with it. It just looks so cool.
I want it. – [Mikey] Yeah, and I don't
know if we mentioned this yet, but the homeowner actually designed most of the pieces in this house. – Yes. – [Mikey] And most of the
furniture in this house. – Yes. – [Mikey] So you can't
actually buy these anywhere. – No, she just came up with them. – [Mikey] Yeah, if you want them, she has to make 'em for you I guess. – Yeah, she has to make 'em for you. That's the only way. Stainless steel built-ins
here with the countertop and wall paneling and built-ins here and this marble wall.

Super cool. And this is your family room. I mean, it continues. Now, let's come back this way. This is where we have the
kitchen or part of the kitchen. This is your, I'm gonna
call it a vodka bar. And again, you have the same
Snaidero cabinetry also here with this gloss finish,
stainless steel reveal. And you have your stainless
steel countertops, your vodka bar, your shelving, these tempered glass countertops. And in case you're wondering where this sliding glass door opens up, it actually opens up to
the side of the property where you have your outdoor barbecue area. What's nice about that space is the fact that you can actually access
it from the front of the house and it also leads you all
the way to your backyard. That way it's great for
parties or if you had a caterer because we have a butler's kitchen here, you have a nice easy access. Now coming here you have your wine fridge, all stainless steel walls,
additional exterior door.

And coming in here we
have the butler's kitchen. I personally love this space
because the fit and finish with the stainless steel appliances, your stone countertop, your
stainless steel backslash, everything about it
looks very professional and to the point. You have a wine fridge,
few drawers, dishwasher, pretty good size commercial sink here. And again, the same stainless back splash continues all the way to the corner where you have a grill induction cooktop. This really unique circular vent design, which I've never seen before. And you got some uppers, oven down below, plenty of cabinetry. We have the full size freezer here. And I wanna point out, we
have granite floors here and they clad the granite walls
with the stainless steel finish. And on this side, this is so cool, we have a pass through
to the main kitchen.

That way caterers, chef can prep here and serve it to the kitchen. How cool is that? – [Mikey] Pretty awesome. – Now I wanna actually take
everybody back outside. We are right in front of the bar area and I wanna point out this detail. This door for the butlers pantry
came out of a Gucci store. You know, how's that even possible? How did it make it here? And perfectly blended with
the architectural design or interior design of this home. My hat's off. Super cool. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Just awesome. All right, let's go
back to the main hallway between the dining area and the kitchen because I wanna take everybody here.

This kitchen is stunning. We have the same polished
cabinetry and textures also here. This tempered glass countertops
comes from the bar area and extends into the kitchen, stainless steel finish
where we have the sink. In fact, they've modified the
stainless steel countertops and basically blend it
in with your sink design. And right in front of your island, you just have these
amazing, amazing views. Chandelier right above you. Stainless steel dual elevation countertops continues all the way
to your back cabinetry. You have some glass uppers here and down below you have
your drawers, built-ins. And I just love how this wall just curves and it's just a fun, unique angle. More built-ins. Your speed oven, convection oven. And this is where you have
your induction cooktop, All Gaggenau. You have this really unique vent design and I just love that.

The stainless steel backsplash actually curves the wall. I don't even know how they've installed it without creating any
wrinkles or just lines that, you know, shows the pressure
of the stainless steel, if I'm making sense here. – [Mikey] Yeah, also
that stainless steel, when I was getting shots earlier, I noticed it has this really unique, kind of reflective quality. So as you walk through
it, it reflects the light and just creates this like
really unique pattern.

– Yeah, that's really cool. And as you were explaining, I think I saw a glimpse of it
here on the stainless steel. And look at this, I mean you have Armani marble countertops
here, also as a side wall. And I'm glad I saw this
countertop because I think we forgot a detail in
the grand living room. I actually wanna take everybody back here. You also have this wall design with the same Armani marble, but on this one they actually
have a leathered finish. Inside of these shelves
are clad with limestone. You have leather on the sides. And even these are actually, let's see, built-in cabinetry for extra storage. – [Mikey] Lots of hidden
cabinets around here. – Yeah, every bit of
space is well utilized. I'm outta words, super cool. Another detail, and we have another art piece also here. It was custom designed. And look at all these just details. – [Mikey] It's like cabinetry based. – Cabinetry and … – [Mikey] Yeah. – So cool, right? All right, let's continue our tour. So that's the kitchen and the dining area.

There's actually a hallway here that takes us to a few the rooms and we have to acknowledge what's happening right in front of us. This is the biggest Bearbrick
I've ever seen in my life and it's Fendi. And on top of that, this is not a product that is on consumer market. This is not something you
can just simply bid and buy. This was actually out of a Fendi store and then owners have it, looks super cool. Look at the size of this
thing, it's as big as me. – [Mikey] Yeah, and if
you were to try to buy this, it would really be out
outrageously expensive, I know.

– Let's just say over a few
hundred thousand dollars. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Insane, just one of a kind. All right, let's continue our tour. This is the door to the powder room. And this was out of a Chanel store. And this is crystal. It's both sided and it takes
you to your powder room. Stone floors, stone walls,
open shelving detail, this modern pedestal sink
with a brushed nickel fixture. And I just love the
owners attention to detail when it comes to just staging
and how to present things. Look at this powder room,
with the lighting detail. You have a Cartier marble back piece here. You have a toto toilet. Just a powder room, one of a kind. Awesome. Now let's continue our
tour with the hallway.

We have this door opening
up to the movie theater. This is a really cozy
space and it's unlike the movie theaters that we're
used to seeing on our channel. Normally you will have
like a built-in seating, massive projector. This one is a little
bit on the cozier side. I just love the approach here with these Herman Miller
mid-century modern eames chairs. You have the coffee table
right in the center, the decor fit and finish. Above us, we have suede ceilings and you have this metallic
fabric panels and recess lights. Then you have French linen on the walls. And then you have crocodile leather, built-in seating and crocodile
leather clad ceilings. And this is so unique, you
have this comfortable carpet. You have a nice niche detail here that gives you that Japanese influence. You have your projector, screen, these mid-century modern chairs. Honestly, super, super creative.

My hat's off. This is one of my favorite
rooms in this house. – [Mike] Yeah, it's really nice. It's really cozy. And what, only seats five? So … You know, don't have to have a bunch of people in your theater. – I gotta show this detail. They have a Luis Vuitton iPad cover. – [Mikey] Yep, not surprised somehow. – Yeah, I just like … Look at these details. So curated, so unique.
So one of a kind. All right, let's head back out. Again, we have this hallway that took us to the powder room as well as the movie theater. Coming back here, we have the
Fendi Bearbrick on this side. And again, your view's
right in front of you since we are at the landing
of the main staircase. Now I wanna take everybody
to the other wing. We have the suction elevator here. That's such a modern and cool detail.

They are very convenient, quiet, and they just suck you right
up to the second floor. – [Mikey] Yeah, we've
seen one of these before at an apartment or a penthouse in Miami. – Bingo. – Regalia. – [Mikey] That's right. And coming back here,
we have this hallway, really cool art installation. And we have the door on my left opening up to the junior
primary bedroom suite. It's a very spacious room. We have travertine on the floors, seating area on this side. And coming back here, this is
where we have the bed set up. And look at this back wall here with the Macassar wood paneling.

Leather paneling in the
center, tray ceiling detail. And this bed has this
really cool floating effect all wrapped in leather. And look at the Hermes pillows and details and like each room, each corner, there are so many just, cool details. We have the Sony TV
here, leather clad wall. And you have this very nice wood paneling contrasting nicely with
the darker paneling behind the TV. You have this stainless steel reveal and small desk set up, Fendi chair and the sliding glass doors
open up another patio space dedicated for this room. Great views.
Palm trees. It's very tropical out here. I can't help it.
It's really nice. – [Mikey] Very nice. – Very nice. All right, now let's take
everybody around the corner. Obviously this room has its
own closet space, bathroom, I wanna say dressing room
because you walk in here, you got this gorgeous seating
set up right in the center out of the same Macassar
wood paneling, custom design. And I just love how they brought that wood paneling detail into this room. But they've actually changed
the direction of the veins and put stainless steel reveals.

You have these stainless steel racks with these plastic tops, which basically gives you each
one of your hook locations. So you can perfectly
space out your clothing. You have a stainless steel, how many times I said stainless steel? Like 20 times. – [Mikey] Lots of
stainless steel around there. – Yeah, that's right. We have the stainless
steel open shelving here, same travertine floors. And I gotta show this detail. So this is a Fiat 500 art installation with a small Fendi Bearbrick inside, another cool art piece. And yeah, pretty great room. Opens up to the same patio space because the patio actually wraps around. And going here, we have a pocket door. We go into the closet or the main closet. It's currently filled
with owner's clothes, but I gotta show this detail. She took Hermes, I believe it was a skirt. Sorry, my bad. It was a Hermes scarf. And she custom designed this chair. I mean, how cool is that? – [Mikey] I told you as we go around, most of the stuff we see …

– Look at the handle here. – [Mikey] Designed
and built by her, yeah. – Amazing, right? All right, I'm gonna put this right here and I don't wanna damage that chair and continue our tour. It flows straight into the bathroom. Same travetine is also here. We have the Macassar
paneled vanity design here with absolute black granite countertops, chrome fixtures, very
spacious walk-in shower. And we have limestone on the
floors as well as the walls, chrome fixtures around the corner. It's a pretty good size walk-in shower. And that wraps our tour for the junior primary bedroom suite. Now I wanna take everybody outside so we can check out the backyard. (upbeat music) Here we are outside. We have the dining area right behind me. These granite steps takes
you down to the lower patio. We have the Infinity Edge pool here, sliding glass doors off
of your grand living room. And around the corner we have
this elevated patio space. That's the first bedroom that we toured.

And around the corner we
have the second bedroom that was utilized as a closet. Again, secondary patio space. And if you look, it's a
half an acre property, you can really see the depth
of the property from here. And you have this rolling lawn that takes you to the lower section. Coming back here again, we
have granite floors throughout. Marine grade stainless steel railing and your salt water infinity edge pool. I mean, iconic. Look at this. Just waves are rolling in. We have palm trees.
Tropical weather. I'm just gonna keep going.
Mikey, if you don't stop me. I'm just like, I love this. – [Mikey] Just list 'em. List everything we got. – I mean, you got great weather, you have this amazing ambiance. It feels so special to be here. You sit on your patio, this is the view you wake up to every morning. You dip in your salt pool,
there's mosaic tile around. Everything feels good on your feet. You got great food.
You eat seafood all the time. – [Mikey] All right, you listed enough. – Yeah, I'll get carried away. You know, I really like
this island lifestyle that they have in Hawaii.

And this pool is perfectly positioned. If you look down below us, property actually extends out. It's nicely landscaped. And I just love how they
hedged the entire property line with these palm trees. Coming here, you have this raised section for your spa or your hot tub and yeah, just beautiful. The deck continues. There's a staircase going down
to a lower level as well. That's your family room. And more of these views. I feel like if you have
a backyard like this, you just sit down, relax
and just soak it all in. Beautiful, beautiful place. And that wraps our tour on the backyard. Now let's go back inside and check out the second floor. (upbeat music) – All right everyone. Here we are on the second floor. This thing is awesome. Why would you get a boring elevator when you can have one of these? It looks architectural and easy as that.

Now we're on the second floor. This door opens up to the office. This is a really sleek space. First off, I wanna address this really unique stainless steel, glass mirror office desk
set up right in the center. We have the built-ins
and some open shelving, massage chair here. And I know we have the
bathroom around the corner. Mike, I gotta take everybody outside. I know we just talked
about the backyard but … I mean, from your office, this is the view you're looking at. This is great. You have the bay, waves rolling in.

This is the office I want, this is the office I need
in my life, you know? I need natural light,
natural air coming in. I wanna take phone calls here, just come out, get some sun. You see my skin is glowing.
I'm feeling good out here. – [Mikey] I'm sure we could build a business in O'ahu, you know? – And run it from here? Every time we have a shoot, we just fly out to the mainland. – [Mikey] Oh, it's only a quick five and a half hour flight. – Not a big deal, right? – [Mikey] Yeah, yeah. – All right, let's step inside. Again, beautiful finishes,
travertine on the floors, built-in closets here. And come into this opening,
it takes us to the bathroom. We have the same travertine also here. And at the end you have
this open shower design, all clad with limestone.

Your toto toilet, vanity design here with some extra cabinetry on the side, drop in sink, chrome fixtures. And you have this open shelving/box design on the back that serves as your cabinetry. Pretty cool. This was designed as a bedroom obviously, and it is currently utilized as an office. So I wanted to mention that. Now let's take everybody
back to the hallway on the right hand wing. Leather clad walls. We have this bench design here. And I mean, just look at these details. They just keep coming. Look at this desk set up here. Stainless steel edge. You have this plastered
design on the back, Chanel art piece. – [Mikey] Very nice. – Just so nice. So exquisite, so tasteful. Okay, back to the main hallway. We got this door opening
up to the men's closet. This is a really cool space. Has that minimalist look, we have some built in cabinetry here, some open shelving where
you can move these racks. But what's important
here is that this room was designed as a bedroom. That's why it has its own
balcony facing the views. We have a full bathroom around the corner, but the current owners changed
it up as a walk-in closet.

And it's just a very sleek space. First, Mikey, let's pan up to the ceiling. Those are Takashi Murakami skateboards and they're collectibles. This is an artist that does collaboration with Luis
Vuitton and I mean, it's a really cool application here, they put up on the ceiling. You got a modern chandelier
right in the center and focusing on this side, I mean, look at all these patterns with the leather and this finish, you have stainless steel racks with the plastic notches on top. That way you can perfectly space out each one of your clothes. And you have carbon fiber texture here, which looks super cool.

Also down below, they even clad behind the TV with carbon fiber. Again, just looks very contemporary. We have the built in cabinetry here. There you go. And Mikey, lets show this detail. Why don't you come this side? So this is a shoe rack. Let me pull, that's heavy. Has a lot of shoes in it. I mean they utilize every
bit of space, you know? Now let's come to this section.

We have more built-ins here, some drawers, open shelving, cool art pieces here, right in the center we have the place where you would put your watch. And around the corner we have a Alec Monopoly art piece here. Always wanted one of these. – [Mikey] We see him a
fair amount in Los Angeles. – Correct. Yeah, he is, I mean,
he used to live in LA. And lastly, let's say you wanna have more of that minimalist look, what you can do is this. Nope, wait. – [Mikey] Very cool. – You can just hide 'em up, you know? Very, very nice. More of these stainless steel racks. That's it for the closet
or the bedroom itself. Let's go this way. We have a full bathroom here, drop in sink, brushed nickel
fixtures, wall sconces. And we have another spacious
walk-in shower here. This time we have granite floors and brushed nickel rain head. Now, let's head back out to the hallway so we can continue our tour. That's it for the closet. And coming back here we have
natural stone throughout, more storage cabinets on the left.

This door brings us to another hallway where we have the door
on our right hand side opening up to the front of the home. This door opens up to
the three car garage. This is the secondary staircase going down to the lower level and the staircase up here, bringing us to the top floor where we have the guest suite. It starts right here.
Pretty good-sized space. Travertine floors. We have this section right here where we have a pilates
machine, some open shelving, and it's kind of like
your arts and craft room. That's why we have these wall mount, what do you call these
like roller shelves? – [Mikey] Wrapping paper. – Wrapping paper, that's right. And it just looks fun
and colorful, you know? And you have the desk set up here.

It's a built-in cabinetry. And this guest quarters comes with it's own little kitchenette
where you have a cooktop, small sink, small fridge. And just when I thought I've seen it all, we have a Chanel skis here. How can you make a ski
look this attractive? – [Mikey] Yeah, we have
never seen anything like that. I wouldn't think like skis
could be an art piece, but … – I want one of these
and I don't even know what I would do with
it, but I still want it. And around the corner
we have a full bathroom with a built-in tub and a vanity set up. And what's great about this guest quarters is the fact that it has its own entrance off of the entry that
we talked about earlier, that way you can just kind of come up here, have this detached space
from the main home.

Now that's it for the
top floor and this wing. Now I wanna take everybody
back to the entry so we can continue our
tour with the left wing, where we have the primary bedroom suite. Come in here, we have
another leather padded wall, another art piece here from Matsuura. We saw another one on the
ceiling of the dining room. And coming here we have,
again, beautiful furnishings, another art piece here. And these double doors open up to your primary bedroom suite. Now this room is very special. First I want to take
everybody to the bathroom.

We have marble and travertine throughout, both on the floors and the walls. I just love these lines and
patterns that they have. Quickly, your water closet
with limestone clad throughout. And coming here we have
this stone fabricated vanity with these long elongated
sinks, chrome fixtures, the center section right here. And what's so cool about
this room is the fact that you can press a button and down below there will be a rack coming out with a Luis Vuitton small suitcase
just popping up here. Because why not? Life is short, you gotta have some fun. – [Mikey] Keep your toiletries
in there or something. – Something, you know? If not, it's just nice to look at. – [Mikey] Yeah. – And we have this mirror
design in front of us. But once we go into the primary bedroom, I wanna show detail. You can actually open the section up and get ocean views from
your primary bathroom. Now, let's take everybody here. This is where you have your overflow tub. This is essentially designed
like a zero edged pool where it overflows on the edges. You have the jets, picture
window here with the ocean view, you have the bedroom on the other side.

And right behind me is the
rest of your walk-in shower with marble walls, chrome fixtures, rain head at the center. And instead of these veined marble clad, they just have like a
simple marble tone here, which is kind of neutral and soft and kind of relaxing and
it's definitely a great size. Now I wanna bring everybody here. You have a little makeup
area and if you want you can actually bring
a mirror from each side. Again, beautiful cabinetry
all the way to the ceiling.

We have this travertine clad that basically covers this entire jam. And coming here we have
another Chanel crystal handle or a door handle opening
up to the second closet. This is her closet and
it is without a doubt, one of the most glamorous closets we have ever seen on this channel. I don't even know where to start. You have pink leather on the walls, open shelving, cabinetry, island in the center that looks stunning. And you have all these built-ins here. Chandelier in the center
with a bird cage that was, I guess, designed by Chanel. And look at this around us, just like custom clothing. The patterns, the fabric.

Everything about it is just so amazing. I'm outta words. I'm gonna try to do my best to explain every single corner here. First, let's cover this section. This has that minimalist look, but obviously on the inside you have all your open space drawers, everything you need here. And I actually wanna show this. So we have these two racks here, right? You can actually push them this way, right? And you have more right behind it.

And I just love how meticulous she is with all of her clothing and
shoes and handbags and … – [Mikey] Even more,
a little secret space. – Exactly.
Push of a button. Now that I pushed all those
shelves on the other side, you can actually bring it back here because on the backside, Mikey, why don't we go this way and show. You have additional
cabinetry and a mirror. I mean, this is super cool. I feel like this would
be a lot of girls dream.

As a male, I am impressed. Like just the scale of this
room is truly one of a kind. And I'm gonna step right back there and you have basically
additional cabinetry and this thing just moves. Awesome, awesome, right? Mikey, let's go back to the entry. I'm gonna show the details
over there as well. So we have this kind
of open shelving here. The fabric on the back is from Chanel, it's called Lesage fabric. She actually took that
out of a Chanel skirt and it is their most expensive fabric. Utilized it as a back wall. And then she took a Chanel jacket and custom designed this chair, which is just so one of a kind. I mean look at the back, you
have a Hermes handle here. And she just comes up
with these design elements and just executes them. Super, super cool. And looking at the rest
of the open shelving here, some of the art pieces
I don't even know of. We have a collectible item
here from Dior and Kaws.

It's beyond my expertise. You know, I know architectural details, I know sliding glass
doors and reveal details. And this is beyond me. All I can say is it looks very, very nice. – [Mikey] You're gonna have to study up for the next time though. – Absolutely. I'll get myself to the next level after, hopefully after this tour. Now, coming back to the bathroom again and going into the hallway again, we have these built in
closets here, seating area.

And if you look closely, these are actually Chanel hangers. This is another custom
piece designed by her. And it took me a while
to comprehend this one. I mean, I would've never
thought of a design like this and she made it work. And also with the sale of the home, all the furniture is included
minus the art pieces. So I wanted to mention that, there are beautiful furniture
and built-in's throughout. Now coming here, we talked about these overlook areas in the office. And we have another one
for the primary bedroom. And right in front of you, you
have your grand living room, staircase, ocean views, pretty awesome.

Now getting back in, lot of wood tones and natural light coming in. Sliding glass doors
opening towards the views. We got a nice seating area there. King size bed, Hermes
pillows, leather clad walls, tray ceiling detail above
with the recess lighting. And although the home has a lot of these natural stone and
kind of flashy details, I almost wanna say, bedroom is actually very scaled back, very minimalist, very soft. You just come in here, relax and just really enjoy the views. Now that's the picture window
off of your overflowing tub. But if you wanna get views
from your vanity set up, you can actually just
move these door panels. And there you go. They're actually three
of them, I just realized. And there you go. That's your vanity setup right there.

Look at the leather finish here. Every surface you touch in this house, it just feels very, very special. Now Mikey, let's take everybody here. This pocket door opens
up to a smaller closet. It's just another extra space. You have additional windows
here and coming back out, I actually wanna take everybody this way. So we have the couch
perfectly positioned here, facing the views, additional built-ins. And let's take everybody outside. This balcony is to die for. I mean, look at this. Me and Mikey here are a
little bit jealous right now because there are literally
hundreds of people down below surfing and
catching these waves. And that's why people
wanna buy homes like this. They wanna be part of the community, enjoy this Hawaii lifestyle, take advantage of the
ocean and it's amenities.

But at the same time, around
the corner you have Honolulu, the city center with shops, restaurants, all the amenities that you can think of. With warm weather and beautiful beaches, it's no wonder why
people flock to Honolulu from all over the world. There's something for everyone. If you're wanna relax on
the beach with a good book, go surfing or swimming or
if you want some action, there are plenty of activities
like hiking or bike riding. We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, located in the luxurious
Waikiki neighborhood, home to the famous Waikiki Beach.

My room is on the third floor, this place is kind of fancy, like I've been calling it like
The Beverly Hills Hotel … – Look at these doors. – Yeah, like it's like
the Beverly Hills Hotel of Waikiki Beach. Yearly, thousands of
surfers from far and wide make the journey down to the island to ride some of the
best waves in the world. It was nice to be just a short walk from all the action of Waikiki Beach and the luxury shopping and
dining of Ala Moana Center. If you're looking for something
a little bit more active than just lying on the beach all day, then check out some of the
other attractions in Honolulu such as hiking the Diamond Head Crater, which gives you some of the
best views on the island. And don't forget about
all the delicious food. Our host recommended
we try 1938 Indochine, a sophisticated restaurant and bar with a unique and modern twist on Southeast Asian street food cuisines.

Founded by Kevin Aoki, brother of the world
famous DJ, Steve Aoki. – Indochine food, which is, you know, food influenced by
French in Southeast Asia. So what you see here,
what you're eating today is really the street
food of Southeast Asia. I would say it's about 75% Vietnamese. And then there's some Laotian dishes and some dishes from Thailand in here. – 1938 is the birth
year of Kevin's father, Rocky Aoki, a pioneer of Asian cuisine
and founder of Benihana who inspired his son Kevin to continue their family's legacy of
making friends with food. After our time here, it's
no question why anyone who visits wouldn't fall in love with the endless beaches and attractions this island has to offer. A huge thanks to the host for the warm welcome to our team.

Our experience in this home soared beyond the beauty it holds during the day and it truly came alive once the sun set and the skies grow dark. (lively music) (relaxing music) All right everyone,
that's it for the tour. I hope y'all enjoyed it. Hawaii is gorgeous. I mean, look at this backdrop. Waves are rolling in, sun is going down, weather is perfect. This place is so special. I'm so glad we came all the way out here and toured this stunning property.

As always, you can find more
information about this home in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe. And we'll see you guys next week. (relaxing music).