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Transferring Miles with Hawaiian Airlines: A Detailed Guide


Hawaiian Airlines, one of the most renowned carriers in the Pacific, offers a loyalty program known as the HawaiianMiles program. For frequent flyers, accumulating miles is a rewarding process. But, one might wonder: Can these miles be transferred? If yes, how? Let’s dive into the nuances of transferring HawaiianMiles.

Can You Transfer HawaiianMiles?

The short answer is, yes! Hawaiian Airlines allows HawaiianMiles members to share miles with friends or family members. However, this process does come with specific stipulations and fees.

How to Transfer HawaiianMiles

  1. Log In: First, both the sender and receiver need to have HawaiianMiles accounts. Log into your HawaiianMiles Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Transfers: Once logged in, locate the option for transferring miles.
  3. Fill Out the Details: Input the HawaiianMiles number of the person you wish to transfer miles to, along with the number of miles you want to transfer.
  4. Pay the Transfer Fee: There is a fee associated with transferring miles. The exact amount varies, so be sure to check the Hawaiian Airlines fee page for the most up-to-date information.

Things to Consider

  • Minimum & Maximum Transfers: Hawaiian Airlines imposes limits on how many miles you can transfer. Check their guidelines for precise amounts.
  • Transfer Times: While some transfers are instantaneous, others may take up to a few days, especially if there’s a discrepancy or issue.
  • Transfer Fees: These fees are non-refundable, even if you change your mind or make an error. Always double-check transfer details before confirming.

Other Ways to Share the Aloha

If you’re hesitant about transferring miles due to fees or other concerns, consider other ways to use your HawaiianMiles for loved ones:

  • Book a Flight for Someone Else: Use your miles to directly book a flight for a friend or family member.
  • HawaiianMiles Marketplace: Another unique feature of the HawaiianMiles program is its marketplace. You can use your miles to shop for gifts or gift cards for others.


Transferring HawaiianMiles offers a great way to share the joy of travel with others. Whether you’re gifting miles for a special occasion or pooling miles for a group trip, the process, while not free, is straightforward. Remember to always check the official Hawaiian Airlines website for the most recent guidelines and updates.