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Buyers take warning: Homes on Zillow listed for below value could be scams

Anthony is too good to be true. Big time scam, Zillow says if flagged the listing shortly after it was created on Monday. Zillow took it down around 3:00 PM today. The Lister said they would only deal with first time home buyers without representation and was asking for a $4500 deposit before you can even view the home red flags a realtor says you should be aware of. $24,500 for A5 bed home in Jacksonville Golf and Country Club too good to be true?

I had to find out for myself. This is Karen. How am I speaking with? Hi, my name is Andrew Badillo. I’m actually a reporter at First Coast news.

How are you? It seems too good to be true. It usually is. So certainly if you see an $800,000 house being advertised for $23,000, something should go off in your brain. Wait a minute, this doesn’t smell right.

Three hours after I called the number on the listing, it was gone, Zillow told First Coast News. It flagged the listing and took it down, blocking the user from listing on its platform as they ask you to wire the money into their parents.

Buyers take warning: Homes on Zillow listed for below value could be scams

Account. CC Carter is a broker assistant. She laughed when she saw the listing littered with red flags, but said people can still fall victim to obvious scams, saying it’s important to hire a realtor so they can verify if the listing is real.

This particular case, we were able to see that this home sold in 2020 for $890,000. Is it really likely that two years later someone would be selling it for $23,000? Probably not, and so these are things that we can look at. And and see. We’ll certainly keep your eyes, eyes peeled and be on the lookout.

If you notice a potential scam on Zillow, it says you can report it. That information can be found on our website, firstcoastnews.com live in the studio Andrew Badillo First Coast news on your side.

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