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Broke Da Mouth Grindz Kapolei, Hawaii | Crispy Roast Pork | Crab Stuffed Salmon Plate Lunch

Hey what’s up guys. Hope you’re having a great day. I’m here in Kapolei today to check out a  brand new business called Broke The Mouth Grindz and I’m going to switch here. It’s  in this old sad Kapolei Theaters that used to be bumping back in the day. When I used to be in.

..I  think high school. I used to live here even though I’m a townie. And this used to be the place to be  and now it’s totally dead and empty because all these other new places are here but here’s Broke  The Mouth Grindz.

Used to be a pho place. Let’s go check it out. Alright so I ordered and as you  can see the inside is awesome. They’ve got some awesome artwork going on and they also specialize  in some awesome desserts. They have ice cream pies.

I didn’t get any today because I don’t want  it melting in my car and it’s just way too much food. I got two dishes to show you just to show  some different things. But their menu is very huge and everything looks delicious. And I didn’t even  know what to get. So they do mark certain dishes on their menu as popular for those who come here  for the first time and you’re indecisive on what you want.

And they also make homemade lemonades.  So I got to drink…they put them in these Ball jars – the lilikoi lychee, if I’m not mistaken,  this is their lychee lilikoi lemonade and it looks really refreshing.

They have blood orange,  they even have li hing mui strawberry and I really wanted that one. The li hing mui pineapple,  but they only had big jars. So I don’t need that much of a drink so I wanted the small  jar. And so that’s why I picked the lilikoi lychee. So the first one is going to be.

.. This is one of their popular ones it said on the menu. This is the  fried crispy pork cutlet. It’s like a pork cutlet almost – with mushroom  gravy.

So it’s like a creamy, creamy gravy. Looks really good. And I got the mini. So this is the mini. You can get a full plate lunch if you want  and each plate lunch comes with a side.

So I got two different sides. We’ll start with the boring  one first. You can get kimchi, they have ocean salad, stuff like that. But I like salads. Regular  salad with a creamy supposed to be dressing.

So we’ll see. So with each plate you can get your  choice of rice too. So there’s lots of choices going on. You get one side, but you can pick white  rice, brown rice, or you can pay a dollar extra for kimchi fried rice and some other options.  I just got the white rice, but before we start eating, if you’re new here I’m Misty and I do food  showcases of different mom and pop restaurants around the island of Oahu and just showcasing  what they have to offer.

Not necessarily a review. I want you to go and support local and check out  these restaurants if you haven’t heard of them and hopefully it makes you interested in tasting some  other food.

So let’s dig into this. Look at that crispiness. It’s like almost like a pork tonkatsu.

And I’m smelling a lot of garlic goodness coming from the sauce too. I don’t know, when I get something crispy like a cutlet sometimes I’m scared that  it’s going to be tough, but that just melted in my mouth. The initial bite was crunchy  with that panko. Perfectly fried and it just kind of melted in my mouth. That was  amazing.

I didn’t even get much sauce on that one. So let’s get some rice with some sauce.  It’s almost like a milky, white, creamy mushroom sauce. Oh wow full of garlic flavor. So if you’re a garlic lover, you’re going to like this  mushroom creamy gravy.

Take a bite of the pork with loads of sauce on there.  I have no words it’s good. With the rice and the gravy just kind of melding into the rice  as well. Such a perfect match.

And the pork is so soft.

It’s not overdone. It just kind of  breaks apart and falls apart in your mouth. I really don’t know how they do this to make  the pork so tender, but it’s not tough at all. Sometimes you get that tonkatsu and it’s really  hard to bite through, but I can just bite through it. Like if you wanted to bite half of this it just falls apart.

So good. So tender. Alright, so the side that came with this was  the tossed salad. If you don’t like vegetables, like I said, there’s other kinds of sides. They  have the.

..I think it’s a tuna mac salad. So it’s kind of an interesting type of mac salad. I don’t  know if they put the dressing.

It doesn’t look like these greens are dressed.

So let me see… Nope not in there.

Let’s try it anyway. Yeah there’s no sesame dressing. It’s supposed to be like a sesame type dressing. I didn’t get  any dressing. So they were in a rush.

There was a super big order before us. Two boxes  full. Some guy ordered and the line became long after me. So thank God I got there early. I got  there 10 minutes after opening and there was a huge line after me.

So it’s okay. They forgot,  but the greens are fresh. They give it to you in a separate bowl so you can’t go wrong. At least  it’s not getting soggy with all the other sauces in the plate.

But it’s just a mix of looks like  romaine and some very fresh spring greens.

If anything, you can use that delicious garlicky  mushroom sauce and just mix it into the plate and that’s going to be the dressing anyway.  So all in all, fresh and good food. So for that crispy pork with the mushroom gravy and one side  with your choice of rice it is $12.99 for a mini. If you have a bigger appetite you can  get the larger portion of the plate lunch.

And I thought it was very good. I definitely get that  again. Also don’t forget they are famous for their chili pepper water.

I thought they were  going to give me a side, but I should have asked. But they have it at each table if you’re going to  dine in.

The inside’s very clean and has nice A/C. Very cool in there. But I didn’t get to taste the  chili pepper water because I thought they were going to give me a little side of it but that’s  okay. I was in a rush anyway. But the next dish we’re going to try they’re famous for besides  their garlic chicken, but I didn’t get that today, is there crab stuffed salmon with bacon.

  So this is only…it only comes in a full plate. You can’t get a mini of this.

Broke Da Mouth Grindz Kapolei, Hawaii | Crispy Roast Pork | Crab Stuffed Salmon Plate Lunch

So this is the  whole thing of salmon. Looks like a mess, but it smells delicious. Topped with furikake, crab and  some bacon, which I find interesting. I guess it gives it a contrast of textures. You get the  crunchy and the soft fish and it comes on a very big heaping bed of rice.

Let’s dig into this. The salmon’s cooked where it’s not overcooked in the middle, but the outside’s super crunchy. It’s  got a nice sear.

Got that texture of crunch and the soft crab on top complements that crunchiness.  Although I will say the crab is imitation crab.

 It’s not real crab and it kind of has like a  mayoey taste but not too much. Almost has filler in there like bread crumbs. But not  in a bad way. Almost reminds me of a crab cake – like a Maryland crab cake.

I don’t  know what I’m supposed to do with this bacon.

So I guess I will take a piece of fish, a little bit of crab, and take a piece of bacon. That goes really well together. It would be nice if they crumbled the bacon on top so you can get  bites instead of biting it separately. I guess you could crumble it yourself. But the bacon  has an interestingly sweet taste.

It’s definitely not bacon that you would just straight out buy  from the supermarket. It’s like I don’t know…if they marinated it afterwards themselves but it has  like a sweet soy taste to it, which is very nice and different.

And I like how they cook the bacon  really crispy, but it’s not burnt. They cooked it perfect for me. I don’t like floppy bacon.  So the crunchiness of that with the soft crab and the salmon kind of works with all these textures  with the rice. And if you like furikake they pile it on.

So lots of furikake, green onions on top.  I was kind of hoping it was real crab, but it’s not.

It also has some kind of like sauce on it.  Like I’m going to say unagi sauce. So there’s a good healthy balance of sweet, savory, and then  the white rice kind of balances it out.

So it’s not too sweet or salty. It’s a good, pretty good  match. Alright, so for the side I picked for the salmon was their purple sweet potato salad. And  the reason I picked it was it’s unique. You can’t find it anywhere else that I’ve seen anyway in  Hawaii.

So you got your Okinawan sweet potato that’s purple and they just mashed it up like  a potato salad. But I’m not sure what else is in here. So we’ll go take a taste of it.  So here it is. Very beautiful color.

If you’ve never had a Okinawan sweet potato it’s actually very good. If you’ve never had Okinawan sweet potato it has a  natural nice sweetness to it like any other sweet potato.

In it, it’s got some bacon bits of that  same bacon that was in the salmon. So that gives it a nice savory flavor. The mayonnaise is not too  heavy, which works.

I think if you put too much mayonnaise like you would in a regular potato  salad it would kind of be gross. But it kind of works. It’s very light on the mayo, which gives  it a little bit of cream but it doesn’t overshadow the sweetness – the natural sweetness of the sweet  potato, which is great. There is a bit of chopped egg in here, but from the natural purpleness of  the potato it kind of turns it purple – the egg white.

So it’s basically like a regular potato  salad with the egg, the mayo but they put a little bit of crunchy bacon in there.

So it’s really  nice. I’d definitely get this again. And if you’re wondering how much that plate lunch is – it does  not come in a mini – the salmon with the crab it is $19.99. Quite pricey for a plate lunch,  but actually I think it’s pretty worth it.

 Unfortunately it’s not real crab, it is imitation,  but you literally get a whole filet of salmon. That whole filet filled up that whole plate  lunch. So it’s not one of those smaller cuts. It’s actually a long filet of salmon, lots of rice and  remember you get to pick another side that comes in another container. So pretty filling.

I think  you could probably split that with two people. It is a lot of food. Alright to our last thing,  this is that lilikoi lychee lemonade that they make homemade. Let’s give it a taste. Actually  just to be sure, I do see some things on the bottom, let’s shake it since it’s in a jar.

Yum. Wow. You get acidity from the actual lemon. You can see the pulp from the lemon.  So it is definitely homemade lemonade.

It’s not like some mix or some concentrate from a bottle.  And you see little bits of other things. So you know that’s probably from the lilikoi like  little seeds not too much though. Like just little specks of things that you know that  fresh fruit is used in this juice. Definitely if you’re a lychee lover or “lee-chee” that’s  what some people say in the mainland, but we say lychee here in Hawaii.

It is  definitely strong on the lychee flavor. So you’re not going to be feeling like  this does not taste like lychee. Sometimes you get things that are lychee flavored and you don’t  really taste it. This one definitely has all three things going on. The sourness of the lilikoi, and  the tartness of the lemon mixed with that sweet floral taste of the lychee.

Very, very delicious.  And the best thing is you can take this jar home and save it because I have lots of these jars.  I can my own food, but definitely can’t reuse this to can.

But you could put, like you know,  make your own pickles or put different sauces in here, make dressing out of it. So it’s cool.

  If you’re wondering how much it is for that, I believe it’s 16 ounces of lemonade, doesn’t matter  which one you pick whatever flavor. If you get the small size that is the small size it is $4.99 and  it goes up if you get the super huge jar. I don’t know how much that is let me look that up. So,  the large lemonade jars, it’s 32 ounces, so it’s really actually huge it is $10.

00. Quite  expensive but it’s very delicious and it is a large, pretty large, drink in those jars.  I’m going to go over some of the menu items. Their menu is so huge. They’re famous for their  garlic furikake chicken, they have a spicy version if you want, they have pork belly fat adobo,  they’re famous for their braised beef short ribs, chopped steak with onions, garlic butter shrimp,  they have a thing called the Mento Bento, which has the garlic chicken, beef short ribs,spam and  egg.

They have animal cheeseburgers, avocado cheeseburgers, they have garlic chicken fries,  teri beef fries, pork adobo fries. The thing goes on and on. And then their desserts are crazy. They  got the ube ice cream pie, the unicorn ice cream pie, which I believe has little sprinkles of  Fruity Pebbles on it so it looks like a rainbow. A Kona coffee ice cream pie.

Just so much different  things and every day they have a special of the day on their white board. So go check it out  and I don’t think you can go wrong with this place either and it’s very popular so far. Kind of new,  but the line was huge today and they just opened. They open at 11. I did see on the  door they’re closed Tuesday Wednesday but they’re open every other all the other days of the week.

  And plenty of parking in front of this old theater so parking’s not an issue at all. Tons of parking,  lots of tables to eat at, they even have tables outside if you want to eat outside.

So very  nice atmosphere, friendly service, you can’t go wrong. Definitely check out Broke The Mouth Grindz  in Kapolei and check out their very creative delicious food and you won’t be disappointed.  So if you liked this, press the like button, subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you again  next week for another food adventure.

Take care of yourselves. Have a great weekend and peace out. 🌈🤙.

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