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Average Cost of Utilities on Oahu


Breaking Down the Average Cost of Utilities on Oahu: From Electricity to Water Bills”

Aloha, readers! If you’ve ever dreamed about making the tropical paradise of Oahu your home, you might already be aware of the relatively high cost of living here. Besides housing costs, which are known to be among the highest in the United States, you should also take utilities into account when budgeting for life on this beautiful island.

So, let’s dive right into the numbers and see what the average cost of utilities – including electricity and water – looks like on Oahu.


When it comes to electricity costs, Hawaii ranks as the most expensive state in the U.S., and Oahu is no exception. The island’s energy costs are high primarily because Hawaii relies heavily on imported petroleum for its power generation. As of 2021, the average residential electricity rate on Oahu was around 30 cents per kilowatt-hour, nearly three times the national average.

This rate means that for an average household consuming about 500 kilowatt-hours per month, the electricity bill would come to about $150 per month. Of course, this can vary significantly based on factors such as the size of your home, the number of occupants, and your personal energy usage habits.

Water and Sewer Services

Next, let’s consider the cost of water and sewer services. The Board of Water Supply (BWS), which provides these services on Oahu, uses a tiered rate structure. As of 2021, the average single-family home on Oahu was charged about $4.42 per 1,000 gallons of water for the first 13,000 gallons used each month, with the rate increasing for usage above this amount.

Given that the average person uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water per day, a family of four might use between 9,600 and 12,000 gallons per month. This usage would result in a monthly water bill of approximately $40 to $53.

In addition to the water usage charge, Oahu residents also pay a sewer charge based on their water usage, which was about $110 per month for the average single-family home as of 2021.

Internet and Cable

The cost of internet service on Oahu is comparable to many mainland states, with prices typically ranging from $50 to $100 per month depending on the speed and package you choose. Similarly, cable TV packages can range from around $85 to $100+ per month, although many residents are opting for less expensive streaming services.

So, if you’re thinking about making the move to Oahu, be prepared for utility costs that are higher than what you’re likely used to on the mainland. The paradise tax is real, but for many who live here, the trade-offs – beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, lush mountains, and a laid-back lifestyle – are well worth it.

As always, these are averages and your costs may be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle and usage habits. We recommend setting up a detailed budget plan to ensure you fully understand the financial implications before moving to our beautiful island.

Mahalo for reading and welcome to your future island life

Celester Thomas

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