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10 Space Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

have you ever taken a photo and noticed something 
in the background that shouldn't be there a face   a figure or unexplained lights creepy right how 
much scarier is it when they appear in pictures   taken in the dead of space where no one can hear 
you scream 10. at the end of one's tether the usa   and italy celebrated the 75th space mission 
in 1996 by sending an experimental tether   into orbit the aim was to investigate new sources 
of power namely a way to cleanly harness solar   wind to power spacecraft as the shuttle crew 
began deploying the satellite the umbilical   tether snapped sending the oval shaped equipment 
drifting off in the direction of deep space   the mission video shows unexplained bright 
objects flying around the detached tether like   wasps buzzing around her nest nasa conveniently 
omitted the bright lights from the mission report   and to date has refused to acknowledge 
or explain the bizarre phenomenon   did the objects approach to investigate 
the bizarre floating piece of space junk   or were they responsible for the tether snapping 
in the first place 9.

Fancy a cup of tea apollo 16   took off on april 16th 1972 after just 11 days in 
space the three astronauts on board saw something   so unbelievable it demands attention they caught 
a glimpse of a strange circular shaped craft   with a great dome-like structure they managed 
to capture a short video lasting only a few   seconds which clearly showed the anonymous ufo 
in a typical deny everything fashion the tape   mysteriously vanished for over 30 years even more 
unbelievable is the fact that no copies were made   well that's what they thought a worker stumbled 
across the tape at johnson space center thanks to   some digital wizardry a high-res scan of the tape 
allowed for a more detailed look at the object   concentric white and gold circles cover the dome 
and a long thin structure extending from the side   for all extents and purposes that's a flying 
saucer eight i see the light the mars rover   curiosity is the gift that keeps giving it's 
still operational and sending data back to this   day a full six years longer than expected on the 
third of april 2014 our little friend picked up a   martian beacon of light in the distance behind 
the cover of a dune a bright light beam can be   seen extending up into the sky past the horizon 
the light was picked up by the right camera though   strangely not by the left easily explained as 
there is a delay between the two cameras and   the light turned off before the left side camera 
activated nasa suggested it was a glare shining   off a glistening rock doubtful as the image was 
taken during a period of low light they then said   a cosmic ray hit the camera center but if this 
was true there would be image anomalies every day   the kicker is that the same beam of light 
was picked up again in an earlier photo try   explaining that 7.

Martian sasquatch could mars 
be home to alien hominids the answer well maybe   the mars rover picked up a confronting image that 
is yet to be explained by nasa or as we like to   refer to them never a straight answer whether a 
life form or a sculpted statue there is no denying   that this is not just a natural rock formation 
and trick of the light a plausible explanation   could be it's just a case of pareidolia this 
bizarre phenomenon is behind people claiming   an elvis-shaped kidney bean or finding the 
face of jesus christ on a burnt piece of toast   are we looking for alien life so hard that we 
imagine it everywhere or is this just a convenient   cover story and the truth of whether alien 
life exists is sitting right under our noses 6.   not one of ours an amateur astronomer witnessed a 
bizarre object orbiting the earth back in 2012. it   was also observed by a larger telescope in italy 
who estimated it to be around 60 feet long overall   in shape and spinning around on its axis at around 
one revolution per minute they dubbed it j002e3   the rotations caused the object to alternate its 
luminosity but even so nasa's ufo program failed   to detect it when scanning near-earth space for 
anomalies they commented that it did not match   any space debris from recently launched spacecraft 
and that it must have entered earth's orbit fairly   recently it had a bizarre looping orbit which 
was inherently unstable causing the object to   leave earth's orbit where it's settled again 
in a solar orbit experts say it'll come back to   visit in around 30 years based on projections 
while enthusiasts claim it was an alien craft   five we got the nukes back in 2009 nasa launched 
the lacrosse mission to the moon but in reality   many people described it rather like a 
kamikaze mission because once it was in   orbit the 2.2 ton payload rocket booster 
was fired at the moon because reasons   the rocket went inside the cabela's crater 
near the southern pole of the moon impacting   and creating a huge plume of dust and debris the 
mission aim was to have a lunar reconnaissance   orbiter takes samples during a fly-through to 
determine if moon craters contain frozen water   images sent back from the mission show a 
rectangular structure in the shadow of the crater   leading some to suggest that nasa dropped a 
nuclear weapon on a moon base with a search for   water just a huge cover story alien headquarters 
or foreign government research facility   for thunderstruck while a probe was orbiting the 
moon in 1972 nasa caught a glimpse of bizarre   flash of lightning within the dark shadow of 
the stein crater it's unsure of the discharge   of electricity is hitting the moon's surface or 
rising up from deep beneath it this gave rise to   the conspiracy theory that there's an underground 
moon base buried in the crater not as far-fetched   as you think as the u.s government has drawn 
up secret plans for a moon base they even had   detailed schematics it was called project horizon 
with the aim to be finished in 1966 at the cost   of six billion dollars to the taxpayer but it 
was shut down by president eisenhower another   explanation is that it could be a lightning sprite 
these are seen on earth when lightning spreads out   in the cloud decapitating before it touches down 
to the ground this would be a logical explanation   if only the moon had an atmosphere three man 
in the moon first there was google earth which   prompted keyboard detectives around the world to 
reveal some oddities that deserve their own top 10   list not content with ruffling so many jimmies 
google doubled down when they teamed up with   nasa in 2009 to create the rather unimaginably 
named google moon it took no time at all for   some internet super sleuth to scour the surface 
of the moon and find something extremely unusual   there appears to be a shadowy figure taking 
a leisurely stroll up there on the lunar   surface we're not saying it's a giant nasa have 
refused to comment on the bizarre silhouette   and even left it on google moon denial of the 
truth or epic troll two take me to your leader   the martian surface is a vast desert of rock and 
red dust or so he thought the mars opportunity   rover sent back an extraordinary image on the 
17th of march 2017 of what appears to be a huge   chunk of shiny reflective metal poking out of the 
ground it's unlike anything seen in any of the   other images we've received from the mission dark 
shadowing around the anomaly makes it different   to see whether it's coming up from the ground 
resting on the ground or hovering in the air it   really does look exactly how you imagine an alien 
spacecraft look around flat disc with a raised   dome on top acting like a cockpit the resemblance 
is uncanny could this be another case of peridolia   where we see what we want to see or finally some 
evidence of the existence of intelligent life   other than mankind 1.

otherworldly standing 
stone here on planet earth many civilizations   have erected rectangular slabs of stone to 
pay tribute to the paganistic gods and rituals   there are stonehenge in england the karnik 
stones in france the list is endless we're   still trying to figure out how ancient 
humans built these towering structures   let alone how one got on mars in 2012 an 
astronomer caught sight of a monolithic   standing stone on the martian surface the mars 
reconnaissance orbiter confirmed the structure   and can be seen casting a long shadow present 
in images from two completely different angles   it's estimated to be over five meters in 
diameter with its straight rectangular sides   screaming out i was made not formed from 
the otherwise curvy and natural landscape.